Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Okay, not really, but Ken did wreck my car last night. We had switched cars yesterday because I was off and he needed the emissions inspection done (because he is incapable of doing it himself) on his car, so I voluteered to do it for him ($30 in late fees, yay, on a $14 inspection, grrrr).

So, short story long, he had to go to his Dad's after the gym last night because Dad was having wireless issues (the Vonage phones wouldn't work). On his way home, he was at a red light next to a left turn lane, and the turn lane changed, and he wasn't paying attention and pulled into the interesection striking a car turning left from the other direction. I TOTALLY know that he was checking email at the time on his crackberry, but everytime I bring it up, he gets pissy, so this is a 'pick your battles' kind of issue. The "good" things about it is thank God no one was injured in either car, and the car, while looking like crap, is still drivable (and the top still goes down, so there's that).

The bad side is our insurance is SURE to go up, because he is at fault. And, since it was my car, MY insurance in particular will probably go up. You know, because paying $1100 dollars a year isn't enough. Ugh.

Other good news is that I went three time to the gym in the past week since I joined. Now, some would say that sucks, but I used to have a hard time doing it. So the goal is to keep it up. I can definitely feel it, although working my biceps is a little challenging. I am working them to failure, starting curls with 30 pound dumbbells, and then doing "upsets" with 35 pound dumbells, but today, *nothing*. No pain, no fatigue, no satisfying yeah, worked them hard feel... my chest, on the other hand, might fall off at any moment today. :)


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