Monday, August 07, 2006

Hey girls, I'm back

So I am posting using my fabulous new 17" MacBook Pro. For those keeping score, that is two times my penis length. ;-)

Kidding, Lord knows my dick isn't THAT big. I love this computer, but I tell you what, it is HOT. Physically hot. The bottom of this bitch is ridiculously warm. Of course, I would imagine that this will be a good thing, come winter. It will keep me warm.

Theoretically, this should make me post more. We'll see.

We are currently watching an HGTV show that compares housing values across the US, it is gross. What we could get in Las Vegas or Ashville is SOOOOOOOO gross. I still cannot imagine how housing got to where it is today. There is a tear-down down the street for $600K. HELLO, $600 f-ing thousand dollars. So wrong.

Almost sold the treadmill tonight. Cute couple from a block over came and looked at it (HOOOOOOOT husband, clearly never seen a fag before, stood by the door the whole time) but they decided they didn't have room for it. I want this thing gone, we don't have space for it.

I am SO not looking forward to the director's meeting tomorrow morning. I might call in, because I so don't want to be there.