Friday, June 27, 2008

Pic of Dad

Here is one of the final pictures of Dad, we found 4 on his digital camera.

Dad's Poem

Some folks had requested that I post the poem that my mother read at my Dad's funeral. So I will do so here. :)

A Leaf Falls

Spring forms me into one of the many buds on this grand old tree,
And I wonder, will anyone care, does anyone see….

Warmer weather makes us a beautiful green,
As the wind moves us back and forth,
I wave so proudly but still I wonder,
Does anyone care, has anyone seen…

Looking around enjoying the breeze,
We see we are just a few of the millions in these trees,
Does anyone care?
Does anyone see?

We were happy giving birds cover,
Shade for the weary and the girl with her lover,
Does anyone care?
Has anyone seen?

Enjoyed the nest being built and the young ones learning to fly,
We are in awe of this great view, with nothing above but big blue sky,
Does anyone care?
Has anyone seen?

Slowly we turn into yellows and gold,
And it dawns on us that just maybe we’re getting old.
Does anyone care?
Has anyone seen?

Ever so gently I drift down to join lots of brothers waiting below,
Wondering all the way why this was my time to let go.
Does anyone care?
Has anyone seen?

Laying here as it begins to darken reflecting on a life filled with good intentions,
Although I had much fun, I know that I found no cure, no inventions,
No marks in the record books will you find,
Still I’m happy that in a small part I did shine,
Does anyone care?

As I lay here and wind blows others to cover me,
I know then that no one can see,
But still I long for one more trip thru life on the same old tree,
And then maybe, just maybe…I would be special and someone would see.

By Bob Capps
August 30th, 2005

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Robert Lewis Capps, Sr. 1928-2008

Sorry for the utter lack of posting; I really have some brilliant things to say, I just have been dealing with the death of my Dad and all the stuff that goes with it.