Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I love this kind of stuff...

Okay, now that I know how to do this whole video thing, anyone reading this is screwed. You know, I find this kind of thing fascinating... I just wish I had done it over the past 6 years because you could see how much I have (dramatically) aged over the past 5 years or so. But whatever, I hope he keeps it up so that he can post a (quicker) 15 year jump or so. I have always been so interested in this idea, I wish I had done it. Of course, I am so not dedicated enough to do it. :)

Oh, this may not be self explanatory... the guy has taken a picture a day of himself for over six years, this is the montage.

I love these ads

So I really enjoy Linda Cropp's new ads for mayor of DC. They basically are saying "yeah, so, we are totally uncharismatic here, don't vote just for someone who is pretty, vote for someone with *substance*." Sad, just sad. Its a house a fire.

That being said, I saw Adrian Fenty walking up 16th street near Wholefoods probably about 2 weeks ago. He looked quite pretty and looks like a nice bod too.

And, when Bob Ehrlich says in his ads that people got mad at him when he tried to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, that is like saying Hitler tried to help the jews. Everytime I see it, I spit out my drink. Please, I was amazed after he took office at all the protections he was REMOVING...

Christmas in September!

I just received this in the mail in a fashionable stripe pattern. :)

Well, look at that...

So, I have two blogs. Who knew? lol I logged in using my usual user name for other applications and I guess I had set up a blog a while back. Anywho... you can also see new entries here: actually, its not letting me add a link, weird, anyway, additional posts are at russindc.blogspot.com