Friday, May 19, 2006

Gar, shiver me timbers!

Left that comment over at PSP and now it is totally stuck in my head. lol

GAR!!! Anyway, I totally was way busy the last three days, so thats why I had nothing to say. What? ;-)

Wednesday did set a new world record of 25 (!!!) pleated khaki pant sightings. I may just post that stat first each day. Yesterday only had about 8, because I was running everywhere and had no time to notice... more on that later. And today, only two, on the metro journey this morning (also more later). Come on, people, I think I may have to start a Foundation to rid the world of pleated khakis. Remember, as Kenneth Cole once said, "There will be NO pleats in heaven!".

So, lets see, Wednesday was beautiful (thus all the "business casual" goin' on in this city and fat white male lawyers donning their polos and pleated khakis (ghastly, just GHASTLY :-) ). I got out and had a long walk at lunch. The dogs have taken to ripping things up lately, so I have had to deal with (non-furniture, mostly paper items) being ripped up nealy daily when I get home, no fun, totally took the steam out of me getting to the gym.

Yesterday was my birthday and I was totally not into it, I really figured I was going to have another just boring day. But then my staff insisted on taking me for coffee, and the ever so lovely (shut it google infinity, girl!) Michael made sure I didn't have just any old normal lunch (I suggested PotBelly) and took me to Daily Grill, which is normal but nice normal. Where the waiter I think started being a little friendly, if you know what I mean, once figuring out who we were. He had a hot body and I have sweaters older than he is, so, score one for our team! Not so much the face. No offense, hot Daily Grill waiter, should you come across this in your searches for "waiter daily grill" in blog land. :) Add to the lovely lunch the 10 phone calls, 20 emails and other things that I received yesterday (thanks to both Michael AND Ken for flowers, both beautiful, but I must put in a plug for Caruso's, they do wonderful work; Ken and I both use them). Also, had a great interview here: they are such a wonderful organization, you can smell the family feel of it and total dedication to their causes of all staff the second you walk in the door). I swear I would love working there and molding their accounting and finance and HR and you know, all THAT shit, but I think they just cannot afford me, unfortunately. I think what my peer (and fellow interviewee and also unaffordable) Mike and I may do is offer ourselves as peers or mentors to whomever they wind up hiring, and suggesting they go for some real go getter type who would be a junior type director who could grow with the organization and that position... maybe pay them 70 or so. I think, since I believe in what they are doing, that it would be a good situ for all involved. Anyway... (one of my peeves is people who say "anyway" in conversation, and I do it ALL the time writing... I am truly a hypocrite. Anyway, Ken unfortunately had to work until really late last night, so I had drinks with Michael and Scott and Michael's partner (also named Michael, I will use last names to keep the story straight). Scott, who we call RTW (for [his last name], the WHORE), who happens to be quite partnered, TYVM, in a NON open relationship, was totally forward about wanting to sleep with Bigley, Hill's (best friend) partner. It was very nearly embarrassing. Of course, I really cannot judge, as given a bunch of drinks, *I* *TOO* have been a giant HO. But it was at the point of near uncomfortability last night. I *think* in the end, Bigley was happy and Hill was like, "back off bitch or I'll cut ya".

So, Ken gets homo late and we just went up to Savannah's, a local restaurant in Kensington that has deli/local restaurant kind of food, and had burgers, which were yummy. Unfortunately, we got into a fight about something *really* stupid, but whatever... most fights are. The evening ended with us in separate beds and me seething.

Then, 3am this morning, Ken wakes up with a tremendous migraine. Drama ensued until 6:30 when finally we can go back to bed. Slept till 9 and then got up and went to Ken's office after him (long story, donated printing for chorus), two trains broke down on the tracks in front of the train I was on, so it took forever (thanks metro! we LOVE the red line!), then when I got back on to go to Dupont, I somehow got turned around (ran unknowing for the closing doors, train without looking, stupid) and got on the wrong way-bound train. I have lived here nearly all my life, metro has been around in some form since I was like 8, I cannot believe I did this. On the line I commute on daily too. Dumbass. So, naturally, as is my luck today, they are single tracking between Brookland and Ft. F-ing Totten. It takes 10 minutes more to go that one stop (maybe more actually) and then I get off to get on a Grosvenor bound train. Thankfully, that only took about 2 minutes. Then practically threw the invites to GMCW staff and got back on the train to Gallery Place to meet friends lunching me for my birthday at Indebleu. HIGHLY recommend the place, although bring your wallet if you want to have a normal size meal, and especially if you want to have a drink, $10 champers and $12 minimum glass of wine. Oh, I forgot to mention, general rule of thumb; do not give a dollar and ask a homeless person where a restaurant that charges $9 for three pinkie tip sized bites of chicken tandoori is... he will NOT know, and, in my case, actually point the WRONG direction, adding yet MORE time to your trip. Running down the street to meet the gang... I was totally a sweaty mess when I got there, but they were sweet about it. :)

Tonight, we are SUPPOSED to 'make up' for last night (and I have already informed Ken we ARE having sex) and go someplace nice for dinner, either in Bethesda or downtown. Duane and Pete may join us, which always means a drunken night of debauchery. One night I totally scared the hell out of one of their friends by, with Ken's permission, trying to get the guy to come home with us.. he was SO cute, but I think so intimidated as well (by my boldness, not by my looks, child please).

We'll see, I haven't checked the weather but really have to cut the grass and finish planting annuals this weekend. Hope it will be nice. Will and Thom's anniversary tomorrow, and potentially Depeche Mode on Sunday...

Update: 9:30pm, no sign of Ken. He has to work until 10, perhaps. To be fair, its that time of year, is every year. They get all these jobs, which make up for a bleak August. :-) Although he logged off of AIM moments ago, so perhaps he is finally on his way home. No birthday dinner tonight, either. Nancy gave me lovely presents earlier tonight, though. Instead, I made a meal that is sitting on the stove now....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

SSS dilemma

I wonder when it is okay to wear the ole seer sucker suit... traditional wisdom says memorial day, but I think it may get warm enough next week to break her out... we'll see.

Wellness class went, well, WELL today. :) I found out that there are all these restaurants nearby that provide nutrional information online, and also that the sandwich I usually get at Cosi has nearly 1500 (!!!!!) calories and 50 grams of fat. Lord.

Pleated khaki pant (PKP) count: 10. Awful Tommy Hilfiger blue pleated pants found at Costco: 2. I also saw a suit made of of what I can only believe was burlap. Seriously.

Not having rehearsals on Tuesdays this time of year means that I can defer my Monday workout to Tuesday, which I totally did last night. I am so lazy, particularly if I get home and put my feet up for one second, then I'm DONE. Made quite the tasty baked chicken in a "10-minute marinade". Finished it off on the grill, it was yummy.

My friend Mike tells me that he started talking to a construction worker outside his office just now and that they are meeting for a drink (at the "legion", he is such a redneck). Do people seriously do this sort of thing any more? Well, I guess if alcohol is involved, that would be a yes.

My birthday is Thursday. I am totally not into it. Going to a nice lunch Friday which will be lovely, but Ken has already informed me due to a press being down this week he will have to work late, so I am not expecting much. Key to relationship happiness: low expectations. Of course, I am totally kidding. As I once said to his consternation at a party, "remember the verb in settle down IS "settle"!

I learned today that people who 'fidget' have a higher metabolism than those who do not. That explains why I am always vibrating all day. This is your random fact du jour.

Mike (straight peer who maybe would bend a bit if the liquor mix was right) is taking me to lunch tomorrow. I have no idea where, but it probably will be Potbelly. ;-) He is a good guy, and is also going in to meet with that company that I have the interview with, immediately before I do. He also is stuck with golden handcuffs on in an unchallenging job. Should be interesting, that is Thursday at 4:30.

Update: PKP count now 16. Borders was a veritable treasure trove of them. Got cruised by a hot straight guy as I walked in, though, which was nice. :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Guerrilla marketing

You know, I like to give to good causes as much as the next guy, probably moreso. What is annoying me of late is how many of what I am calling "Guerilla" style fundraisers are out on the street. Today, I was bugged by Save the Children, something called Children International, Mercy Corps, US PIRG, Environmental Action, and of course some random made up charity that sends droves of African American boys onto the streets each day... they actually get really angry when you say no thanks, sometimes. Add that to the guys hawking Streetsense (which I totally support, I just gave them $100, brilliant concept that I hope works) and you're dealing with like a dozen in an hour lunch walk.

Update: Okay, so apparently, I didn't coin the term. See here. And, "interactive urinal communicators"?!?!?! WTF? Been a long time since I have had any interactive urinal communication, but the outcome then certainly was pleasant. :-)

Good times, good times

This is totally cool, and totally scary, all in one. I would love to do it, but I am afraid I may freak out while out there and lose it. :)

Dumbassed fag

So, I left my phone in Halo Saturday when I left at about midnight. Instead of turning the phone over to a bartender, some stupid queen CALLED MY MOTHER. I kid you not. So, I had a message on my phone when I got home early Sunday morning saying that some drunk had called her and they were taking the phone to the bartender. Naturally, this provided fodder for her for about 15 minutes when I called to wish her a HMD last night. She then preceded to tell me how much she doesn't like illegals and was pissed when I threw the WWJD card into it. "He would tell people to OBEY THE LAW!" Um, sure, Mom, that was his number one message. Not.

Must. Get. Sleep.

I think I am allergic to shellfish. Nancy brought back two humongous live lobsters from Boston (and they were frisky too, when I put them in the boiling pot, they were clawing their way out, hate that)... and I had a martini and then glass of wine with the meal, went to bed shortly thereafter, like 11... felt kinda gross... this morning, I slept until 8 and it feels like I was hit by a mack truck. I am just SOOOO tired. Was in a haze until about 11. I assume I may be allergic to lobsters, something obviously is wrong.

Took a long walk at lunch today. Today's Homeland Security fashion forward moment... skin tight black capri pants, with a pair of glossy nearly knee-high brown come-fuck-me boots, and a teal tight top that ended about 3 inches above the pants, thus revealing a large swath of overweight skin spewing out of the pants. How these people come into the office looking like this is amazing to me. Pleated khaki count=6.

Got a call back for that phone interview I did last week, they want me to come in and see like 3 people. I am not overly 0ptimistic. They said only one person there was making 6 figures (the president), so they want to work out a "creative compensation agreement", which sounds scary. So, I go back in on Thursday, which is my birthday as well.

Judging from how tired I was yesterday, clearly I cannot do two back to back nights at Halo. I was dead tired yesterday and barely made it through rehearsal.

Just put two drops of Visine-A in, I think the A stands for acid, not antihistimine. Burns like HELL.

I have an ASAE Finance/HR "idea swap" tomorrow, I totally do not want to go.

I see where CEDPA has my old job listed; they keep upping the responsibilities, lowering the requirements, and lowering the pay. That's a recipe for success.... not. They have practically no finance staff left, and the entire finance staff (of, in the old days, 9) has completely turned over, in only 4 years. Bad, bad management.

I am hoping my tivo worked and caught the last episode of the West Wing, I'll die if it didn't. Also last night's Desperate Housewives, I need to see that too.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Random Ramblings (ie basic bitching)

Went out last night to Owen's birthday at Halo. It was fun, albeit the fight to get a drink at the bar was a gigantic pain in the ass. I waited 15 minutes for my first drink (and, having a first drink at 10:45pm was unusual...). Ran into Will and Thom and Tom and Steve having dinner at Merkado first; it was nice but a bit awkward as Will explained they were celebrating his birthday (mine is this week). After much "oh, its your birthday? I had no idea!" fumbling, I called Ken, chastised him for not telling me and he and Will talked a bit. Went to Halo, had a nice talk with Jack and Mike, who I haven't seen except in passing since my 40th party (when Jack avoided everyone and started playing piano). He has actually grown up a lot; we had a lot in common to talk about. Also got to socialize a bit with Bobby T, and its been a long time since we have had a nice chat.

Peter (squad Peter) actually convinced Joe and Tom Ryan to come out after their dinner at Les Halles, so I had a GREAT time talking with them for the remainder of the evening. Although Joe and I are convinced that we hate each other (and we do not), we had fun. Tom is SUUUUUUCH a SWEEEEEET guy... He is straight, but of course after drink number three last night I said something like, "well, you ever want to come to the dark side, you know who the first person to call should be, honey". Lord, what an incorrigible flirt I can be, especially when she gets liquored up... Some asshole knocked over my drink (breaking the glass) when I was in the bathroom, and then preceded to pretend nothing happened and did NOT offer to buy me a replacement. He was SO lucky I wasn't there to observe this because there would have been a takedown right in the middle of the bar if I had seen it. As it was, I kept making the comment "RUDE" and "ASSHOLE" loud enough so he could here. He was a mere slip of a thing, I could have taken him on. So, Joe knew I was drinking a martini and went and got me a replacement with Sapphire gin. Naturally, being a southerner, I stomached my way through it, but I swear I don't know how folks drink that stuff, its like pine sol. (That being said, this gin he got was really really smooth.)

Tonight, we are meeting Peter again for dinner after Halo drinks. I'm sure to be exhausted tomorrow. Nancy is returning from Boston tomorrow night and said she will bring lobsters, yay!

Bought a new finch feeder (jumbo sized) and annuals and herbs today. Forgot to get stupid potting soil, so it looks like another trip to Homo Depot is in order.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Random Ramblings

Tell me again why I don't like people? Oh yeah, here's a reason. Anyone who has had sex with David Parker since he's been married, please step forward, thanks.

Have I mentioned lately how completely thrilled I am with the meltdown of the Bush administration? Everyone seems to think that the whole administration is lying, and they wouldn't be far off the mark. I think only Karl Rove believes the bullshit coming out of his mouth...

I hope that they are right and this truly is a "teachable moment" for the American public. We'll see... there are quite a few marriage amendment votes on the ballot come November.

I can't find a link to it online, but there is an "interview" (pieced together questions and answers from prior interviews because he refuses to give them an interview) in the Advocate this week of Sean Hayes (Jack on Will and Grace) that pretty much makes him look like a total asshole. I mean, he doesn't have to be out and proud, but at least be honest. Lord.

Favorite Spam du jour

"Hookup and don't get caught!!!!"

Yeah, right. Put it in writing. Oh wait... lol


Thomas Pink has free shipping on their website through May 17th! Naturally, this has to occur when I am totally poor. :-(

Good weekend

Friday was good, my new dining room table from Storehouse (seen here) arrived, so it was a good day. Of course, I completely expected it to be broken down into several boxes, so I took the BMW over to Laurel to pick it up from the warehouse (delivery was $75 extra, I figured it was worth it to go around the beltway). Well, to my surprise, it actually only came in two boxes, the base and the top, so naturally the top was as big as the X3... certainly wouldn't fit inside it. The guy was nice enough to help me put it on top, but then said in heavily accented english "we can no help you tie; insurance no allow"...

Well, shit. I certainly don't remember my knot tying from boy scouts NOW! What I wound up doing was moving the car out of everyone's way and tying it down about 20 different ways. It still could move about 3 inches back and forth, but I was fairly certain it wouldn't just take off. Luckily for me, it weighed in at about 100 pounds, so it weighed itself down. The only way I know to get home from there is using back roads, but I had to get to them which meant a brief stint on 95 and a brief stint on 29, both of which are 55 mph (traffic zooms by at 70 mph, usually). It was rather harrowing at times, and I am fairly certain that I aged by about a year on the trip, but I made it. Then, of course, I had to wait for a friend to come over before getting it inside... It looks beautiful! One inch bigger and it would be too big for the room it is in, but it looks good. I think due to the annoyance factor, I may move one of the chairs to the side of the room, because there is only room for one person to walk behind it and the counter of the kitchen....

Phone interview went (I think) well on Friday. They are a smaller group, so I inquired about their ability to pay me what I need; he said that he was hoping to craft a "creative compensation agreement" with whomever they get for the job to tie it in to revenue over the next couple of years... not sure about that. Also, the process that they are going through for this position is murderous; first, phone interviews for 10-15 people, inviting back 5-6 for interviews with about 5(!) people, then 0ne or two to come in to meet with the president of the group. That is insane. :)

Went out Friday night to welcome the SF boys to town; they were nice, but (perhaps, surprisingly) not nearly as friendly or attractive as the HMC boys. There was one cutie, but he was so self absorbed I had no desire to go there. :) Only stayed out a short bit and got home early.

Rehearsal pre concert Saturday was *dreadful*. Seriously. Bad. But, as they say in theatre, "bad dress, good opening". The show was great, and there were a couple moments we actually hit that collective brain thing, where we kind of "borg" sing.... it was very nice. I made it through my solo, thank Jesus, so it wasn't too bad. Only one major F up and the group as a whole did it, and apparently the audience didn't notice, so.... all in all, a good thing. After party was at the Beacon hotel bar, which was nice, except for the fact that they had run out of premium vodka by the time I got there. Hello, if you have 100 gay men coming, stock up on your grey goose and ketel one, darlings....

Yesterday was a "double rehearsal", meaning one from 2-5 and one from 6:30-9:30... Naturally, I only went to the first. Enough chorus for one weekend!

Today is really a crappy day in DC, high only in the low 50s and really rainy. We definitely need the rain in a big way, I just wish it were a tad warmer. I totally cannot get into work today, I don't know if its a function of the bad weather or if I am just highly tired and need more rest.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tis the season of the moron

So, budget season at work; yay, me. This tends to bring out the biggest morons who have NO financial (hell, some of them have no NUMERICAL) clue. There is one area, and the department head has broken out consultants, printing, and postage on the financials, and there is one other line: other. He emailed me today to find out what was included in "other". UM, everything except for printing, postage, and consultants. Duh. These budget managers scare the heck out of me sometimes.

I'm so annoyed by these idiots I have actually done the unreasonable. My phone is forwarded to voicemail, my door is mostly shut (meaning, LORD he is working hard, don't bother HIM!), my iPod is on my head jamming some fab music, and I am (well, now, updating this, but prior to this) doing web sodokus. Anything to get away from the budget clueless... :) I swear, things would be different if I ruled the world. I would get rid of the dead wood. Maybe W has finally figured this out too, given the rats-from-a-sinking-ship departures of late over there.

Another worldwind chorus weekend is getting ready to begin over the course of the weekend, God help me.

Celebrities in the News

Okay, not really. Saw David Gregory at lunch today outside at Equinox on the other side of Farragut Square from my office. I think he is like 21 feet tall, even sitting down he was imposing. Have seen him before; he has walked by my office building when I was standing out front with the cool smoker kids (I don't partake). He actually does more of this stumble forward thing, being as tall as he is, he just sets it in motion and lets gravity do the rest.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

I dunno, I have that stupid (no, really) song stuck in my head, it must have been on the radio this morning or something. I wonder what the Pussy Cat Dolls do it the video. They should totally have a drag queen sing it, THAT would be fun! :)

I have a phone interview for a VP/CFO job on Friday that came from out of the blue. Not putting too much stock in it, since these things are what they are. I happen to know a girl who works there who gave my name (and the name of a peer of mine who is identical in experience to me, albeit about 8 years younger... I had set the two of them up on a date once). I don't want to leave where I am (pension vests next year, I only make it to 75% this year), but you know, money talks. If they could pay me what I would need to make, that is... anyway, we'll see.

I totally am hating the chorus right now because I feel it is occupying so much of my time. Tonight is a bass sectional (to make up for all the rehearsals I am missing because I don't want to be there), tomorrow night I am stuffing gift bags for the 30 SF boys who are coming this weekend, Friday I have to meet and greet said 30 and Saturday is the concert and 'afterparty' at the Beacon Hotel bar. I haven't decided yet, but I may run to Costco and get a couple of party trays for that event. At least we had some fruit out at the Helix for the KC boys. We'll see.

Ken and I met with a unique builder who builds "shells" of homes. Basically, everything would be roofed, sided, plumbed, and framed, and the drywall, hardwoods, HVAC, electrical, and actual bathroom 'appliances' could be done later. They could be done in piecemeal, and we could do much of it ourselves. The amount to do this is like $70K. Sounds pretty much like a great idea to me. This way, Ken can afford to pay what he can, and I get the second story I want. I know it is a LOT of work, but we can do it. Or pay someone once in a while to do it. :) The cool thing about this guy is we will give him the EXACT measurements of all our existing walls, he knows what walls we want ripped out downstairs too, so he will come back with a computerized rendering of what the new house would look like, floor plans, and CAD/CAM 'views' of rooms inside the house. How faboo is that. OH! Best part, he'll do THAT part for free!

Off to the sectional. Potentially more later, still have DCWYGWHLM? stuck in my head.

And you thought life was bad

I was just reading about the fattest man in the world... at first I was rather disgusted at this guy, but then honestly, I guess I just felt pity. He will probably be losing weight at the rate of 5 pounds a day right after he has the operation. You know what's next, that's right... Maury Povich.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New lesbian train chica

I would be quite remiss if I, as a DC resident, did not mention the new announcer voice lady on the metro system. It is totally noticably different than the old lady. This one says "STEP BACK!!! Doors Closing!" in a manner that really makes you think she would have no problem cutting you in a dark alley if she came across you. The most annoying thing is that before the doors open or close, after the annoucement is this doo coo doo coo tri tone that I cannot attempt to describe, it is simply annoying. Of course, people probably thought the old door tone with the doorbell type sound was annoying when it debuted 25 years ago or whatever.

I have yet to be on a train where the doors have not been able to close because someone blocks them. The old woman said, slightly more authoritatively than the 'doors closing' announcement, "PLEASE stand clear of the doors". I am imagining this new one will say, "STEP AWAY FROM THE DOORS, BEEYATCHES, OR I WILL PERSONALLY COME BACK THERE AND CUT YOU THE F UP!!!!"

Update: I was on a train last night with a fat guy who stopped the doors from closing and all she said was the usual "STEP BACK!!!! Doors closing!", so unless it takes two or more times of blocking the door... darn.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

This was a total PF weekend. We were hosting the Heartland Men's Chorus' "Heartaches" for a joint show on Saturday. They were pretty good, I heard one or two of their songs. Funnier than we are, but PF totally loses their sense of humor on stage, its one gigantic freak out. As for the show Saturday, it went well except for me TOTALLY FORGETTING all the words to a solo of mine, causing me to have to stop the show entirely and start the number over. It was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me on stage and the scariest. I think part of the problem is when you usually are on stage, you have a spot light blocking out the audience, you might as well be singing to the lightbulb in your bathroom, but at the Corcoran theater, where the concert was held (and will be again next weekend when we welcome SF's two small ensembles), the "house" lights are up, AND, you basically are standing practically in the audience. Very scary.

So, Friday night we met the group at their B&B and then went to get drinks at Halo. Four martinis later (ugh) we headed to dinner, with one group going to Thaitanic and one headed to Dakota Cowgirl on 14th. Comfort food, which was the only smart decision I made that night. Got totally liquored up and made out with a HMC guy on the roof deck of Charlie's apartment after dinner. While I didn't win the biggest slut of the weekend award (which could be won by any number of other PFer's who actually *slept* with their new friends), it was a bit humiliating when I was being reminded of my exact behavior the next day... kinda like, "I showed everyone my thong? SHIT!" ... ridiculous. The fact that I was wearing a thong, not withstanding... hey, it makes my ass look better in jeans, shut up. :)

Saturday, we had rehearsal and then that awful concert (all in all the performance was a good one, we just tend to have NO DYNAMICS on stage) and then all headed to Helix where the "afterparty" was being held. I had a great time, although kept having to steer clear of my 'friend' from the night before, who I believe was looking for a reenactment. Had much fun (and was called hot by one of the cutest guys at the show that night, which made my day), but held off on getting totally liquored up. Left there for Halo with the HMC guy, where I stayed until 2, stopping drinking at 1am. My friend Peter showed up in tux from the White House Correspondent's Dinner, looking all cute. It was a godsend, because since Peter was originally Ken's friend, I said, "oh God, Ken's BEST friend is coming here now!" (He had texted me.) This made HMC guy stop pawing me, which was nice. Peter started chatting up a 22 year old, and I was SOOOO tired, I had to leave. He opted to stay, and I had to take HMC guy to JR's. Thankfully Peter called right after I left, asking for a ride home after all, so I had to go right back, and HMC guy did not have the time to try and mawl me any longer.

Sunday, we had a concert at a retirement home in Silver Spring. It was a great gig, they seemed very appreciative and it was a sold out crowd of 300. Had the boys back to my house after, but honestly was glad when the last one left at about 6pm. I was so tired I actually forgot to watch Desperate Housewives, but it should have been tivoed.

Today, my allergies are killing me, I took a Chlor-Trimeton to absolutely zero effect.

I hate it when that happens!

The President just motorcaded up Connecticut Avenue, and I didn't get out of the building quick enough to flip him the bird...