Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thar she blows!

There is YET ANOTHER fire it appears in the Farragut North metro station. This is amazing to me.

Of course, DC Rescue 3 has shown up again with their boat on top of the truck. Are they expecting to flood the station with water and have to rescue people? I don't get it.

Metro will have to start paying the DCFD a lot of money if this crap keeps up...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Welcome to old age

Due to the fact that Ken was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, my friend's partner keeling over dead from a massive heart attack at age 44, and my blood pressure testing high on a portable BP machine, I made an appointment with my doctor. Well, with my nurse practitioner who works for my doctor.

My blood pressure was 154 over 102. WTF?!? It usually is like 124/78...

I guess the house remodel stress is really affecting me. On a positive note, he prescribed Xanax for the stress. :-)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Golden showers triangle business improvement district

I will temporarily cease my flagellation of my back in front of my Anna Nicole Smith shrine to post...

So, these "business improvement districts" that have come into being in the past five years or so are generally a good thing. They put folks in handy trusty uniforms on the street level, so Joe Tourist can ask them directional questions and leave me the heck alone.

That is, they are a good thing in that capacity; what I don't like is when the "Ambassadors" hit the streets. The intersection closest to my office, Connecticut and K Streets, is a busy intersection, perhaps one of the city's biggest.

Some time in the past 6 months or so, they started placing a couple of people there to direct traffic, even though there is a light there. It started in the morning and evening rush times, and now, I noticed today, it is an all day thing. Not too much of a worry, except that they have whistles, and they USE them. Continuously, all day.

Today, I had to pick something up a block up K Street, so had to cross the intersection. Not only did the guy scream at me for walking during the walk cycle; he wanted to let cars turn from K onto Connecticut, but then when he let us walk he screamed at me to move (the two feet) into the crosswalk (which is 15 feet wide there).

These people need to be stopped. The damn whistles all day long are annoying enough, but now they are getting nasty. Lord, increase folks minimum wage, and they get all uppity... ;-)