Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I realize I didn't post a picture of the house. This isn't as it looks now, but it is close. The porch has flagstone on it now.


So. Let's review metro's performance this morning. First, a bus catches fire on K street, people run screaming from the scene, despite what the post reports here.

That article also details the crack team (literally, people on crack ;-) ) response that some suspicious luggage got at the Braddock Road station.

On top of this, the Smithsonian station was closed this morning on my commute in; don't get me wrong, I have no problem with a station being closed due to a package, but we were told it was a "disruption" in the station. WTF?

Now, as I sit at my desk at Farragut North, there is a FIRE IN THE STATION. The firetruck (there are about 12 of them) under my office window has repeatedly told me about a fire and smoke near the Connecicut Avenue and L Street entrance (of course there are two on Conn and L, so who knows).

Not a good day for the met`ro.

Update: Wow, must be a real fire because they have the hoses going into the NE corner of Conn and L. They actually have Connecticut Avenue completely closed. And the Park Police just showed up on horseback. Because you know, nothing fights fire better than a man on horseback in a metro station... ?!?!? Ah, the fire truck has just told me the fire is being caused by a short. What's better than spraying water on that?

Update #2: The detail is located here: and the reporter is wrong, the station was briefly closed, because as I went to get coffee, a man was directing folks away. But don't you love it when a touchy feely Post reporter gets stuck on a train? I love how she conveys the hatred of the average Joe for Bush here. :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Rudy's memorial

So, one of my best friend's partner died. They published a 'local life lived' thing here.

I wanna make that much money

Metro pays their general manager a shitload of cash.