Thursday, October 12, 2006

My superhero

You are The Flash

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Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Gay Hastert

I think this pic conclusively shows that Hastert was taking it up the ass, too. Can you say blowjob practice?

Plus, on his official house bio page, he says he likes to attend wrestling matches in his free time. I'm gay, but even I am not *that* gay.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Update on the news

Now that I am sure that no one is reading this any longer... ;-)

House update: The basement (praise Jesus) is nearly done. Just some final moulding that needs to be painted and then some cabinet doors affixed. The pool table and theatre seating looks fabulous. The attic still has a bunch `o crap in it, because I need my BMW to move stuff to storage before we begin construction. So we are in limbo, because the BMW dealership has now had my car for two weeks and one day. And I cannot get them to call me to save my life. VOB BMW service sucks!!! You read it here first. Kind of sucks, because I actually used to LOVE their service and even changed 'service teams' (to the "purple" team) when buying this second BMW from them, because I had had SUCH a good experience in the past. Now I am being held hostage by them.

They swore (the last time that they felt the need to call me on Thursday, when the guy also helpfully told me to call U-Haul, GRRRR) that I will have the car by tomrrow, so God only knows whether I will or not at this point.

Maxine continues to mend slowly.

I signed a note today to guarantee a mortgage on Ken's building in NE. I told him it wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done, given I do not have any INTEREST in the building... :) I really am not concerned about it, but surprisingly, he told me that he and his father actually intend on giving me an interest in the company, which I really don't need to have, but that was kind of nice. I am not sure why they would, since I don'technically pay their mortgage, but whatever. Tough enough for me to make my own mortgage, since we re-fied. Of course, I also do realize that if I was out on my own, I would pay the $1800 in rent monthly too, so at least I am getting something out of it.

In that vein, I think having half the mortgage interest on a $450K note probably means that I should up my exemptions by more than I have. I upped them from 0 to 3, but I bet you I wind up higher. I dunno, I could be wrong, we'll see. I need to find a tax planning program. I bet there's one online, I just need to google it.

Saw old friend Kelly a week or so ago, which was nice. Had a bunch of vino and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

My brother's dogs got loose and apparently killed a cat in the neighborhood. Welcome to my white trash family. They have to go to court in November, apparently.

Rehearsal tonight; afterwards I am supposed to go to (Straight) Mike's birthday party at Chaos (drag bingo, doncha know), but I don't think I will wind up making it, I have WAY too much to do around the house, including a minimum of two loads of laundry.